The Girl Behind The Madness

The Spyglass Experience was birthed in 2017 when I was struggling with my health. I was having a difficult time of it and wasn’t able to work. I started to think about what was important to me and what was missing from my life and it just grew on it’s own.

I want you to have that same positive and hopeful experience. A way to look at the world anew. An experience that like looking through a spyglass, it seems far away but with a bit of hard work and a lot of determination is closer than your think.

I hope to pass onto you that same joy I feel when I’m creating, crafting and photographing. To help those of you who have found themselves in the same situation as I and bring you some love, hope and advice.

Spyglass Photography

With a career in medicine (which I love) I found myself becoming a full time scientist without any creative outlet so I picked up my camera again and there Spyglass Photography was birthed.

I threw myself in to photography, something that I had loved from a young age but had lacked the time to develop whilst on my medical rotations. Having worked primarily with analogue, I started teaching myself about digital post production. I was luckly enough to hold my own exhibition and was then awarded an honourable mention at the ND awards for my series ‘Dancing in Dalston’.

Spyglass Crafts

Just as soon as I found my footing with photography I also I found myself engaged and preparing for a huge English-Indian wedding. I optimistically decided that I was going to make all the decorations myself. I ordered a bundle of clay, opened by chest(s) of craft supplies and started working with my hands. Not so soon after, Spyglass Crafts was born.

My crafts and jewellery are purposely meant to feel handmade so that you can feel the love that has gone into them.

Spyglass Lifestyle

Like life itself, Spyglass Lifestyle started evolving all on it’s own. Born of frustration by the amount of misinformation accessible online I wanted the make an all encompassing resource for answers on Health & Wellness, Beauty and Creativity.