What is Spyglass Photography?

I started this venture back in 2016, when it was called The Spyglass Project, I started struggling with my health and had to think differently about what I wanted from life.

Spyglass Photography is now home to my photography. This started with the ‘Dancing in Dalston’ series. With the help for my Kickstarter supporters I held my own exhibition and was stoked to have my series win an honourable mention at the ND awards.

Since then, the project has grown and now includes Street Photography, Travel Photography (including insiders guides), Engagement and Wedding shoots.

My father put a camera in my hand even before I could walk and I (apparently) fell immediately in love with it. I continued to explore this love taking courses at school and then learning to develop and print images at university, always using film.

It wasn’t until later that I moved into the modern age with a digital camera! I still have my film cameras and a soft spot for film photography and my husband complains about the number of cameras ( a lot of which don’t work!) that I’ve acquired over the years!


Keep an eye out for photography and editing tutorials, downloadable pre-sets as well and detailed travel guides, insider suggestions and money saving travel tips.